Sunday, June 26, 2011


We've had strawberry shortcake just about every day for the last week.Can't get enough of this summer time dessert.
Two flats(wooden ones) not those cardboard ones that only hold eight boxes is on its way to the French Shore.........A quick pick of 24 quarts.The bluegrass festival brings people from all over the Province and they have become some of our most loyal customers.We have met some really nice people over the last several years.Due to the quantity there was no U-Pick for them this year,so they were very happy campers!


 Strawberry Short Cake

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farm News

I guess I have neglected this lately......not really on my to do list the last few weeks....I'm a bad
Everything is up except the dill.....which to me is the most important!! lol I have to have my winter pickles....hopefully next weeks weather will help.
Beans and peas are coming along quite well,the peas love this cooler weather and are starting to blossom.We have our second planting in of beans and Geof just ordered more for a third.For green beans we have Provider this has been a good market bean. Gold Rush is a favourite of ours,nice sweet bean that we enjoy and is a good seller at the market as well.
We have three varieties of peas,Snap Peas Shell Peas Snow Peas I must say the Snap Peas are my favourite,they are sweet,crunchy and a pleasure to pick.
 Strawberry season has started,we've gotten 80 quarts so far of Kents This is our roadside stand berry that we have been growing since 2002.
We have a later variety which is new to us called Valley Sunset  We are hoping they are a life saver having had two poor berry seasons.
I could go on with all we have planted but I'd be here all night! Short list is,several kinds of pumpkins,squash,tomatoes,peppers,cucumbers,gourds and carrots.

We've had a raccoon problem and lost four laying hens that we know of.One white hen died this morning for no apparent reason. Still getting 5 dozen eggs a day and no problem selling them.Turkeys arrived on Thursday and lost one within 24 hrs.Meat birds coming next month.Haven't heard a word of the chickens I ordered from Chester......

.............OH and we had a visitor ......
Not Winnie The Pooh!!

 Likely a yearling.
 Snap Peas and they have grown since this was taken on June 19th.
2 week old turkeys