Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Count Down......

 I'm actually excited about SPRING!I've been thinking about the strawberries for days!It's great to be optimistic for a change.It seems like Geof just covered them up and in a couple of months' the straw will be pulled back.We had some brutal temps earlier in the month and even with straw on the plants they can still get winter kill.Time to think about ordering some new strawberry boxes as we've almost used up our supply.
I was up on the hill yesterday checking out the fruit trees,they appear to have done well over the winter.Not many deer around which is good.We had a problem with leaf curl last year and hopefully that has been taken care of.
Plugged the incubator in and had it running for a couple hours......just wanted to check on the gauges and make sure it was working properly.It hasn't been used for a couple years and I really have the itch       right now but will wait for the weather to warm up!
 Spring back in 11 day! Love daylight savings time:)
Geof has been cutting our winter wood this week,it's been perfect weather.We sure did burn a lot this winter and he thinks we may even run out.Hopefully a warm spring will help us out. The greenhouse held up well over the winter and it's beautiful out there today.
Chickens are doing well,still laying 55 to 60 eggs a day.We did lose a couple over the winter which isn't too bad.We are still enjoying our pork.....I will never go another winter without chicken though.........I figure we can at least grow some meat birds for ourselves.

Kali is shedding his winter coat a sure sign of Spring don't you think!

You can see just how far the sun has come around in just a few weeks.