Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

All the hens have been together for a week and are doing quite well.I had thought there may be some trouble but all in all not to bad.
Of course pretty boy was overwhelmed with all these new cute chicks shaking their tail feathers....72 in total he'd be feathers up in a matter of days!! LOL So today I mixed it up good and added three more roosters to the coop.

Here is a picture of two of the lucky boys,they have been courting through the chicken wire for weeks.LOL Of course the outsiders are trying their best to show us they deserve to be on the "inside" as well.LOL They will be heading to a farm on Ward Mountain.

They are both very colourful with little specs of black on their names yet.The other one of the trio is black.


  1. Pretty!

    We're trying to find more laying hens nearby with no luck.

  2. Thanks,I think they are pretty handsome.
    I seen some on kijiji but that was a week or so ago but I'm not sure where they were located.You could try this link,it's the farmers market that they have on the local radio station.