Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seven Wee Ones

Well,well,well,not what I was expecting but very thankful to have these little ones.I don't know what went wrong for sure......humidity,temp,not viable eggs,not a proper lock-down,etc.There are two trying to hatch still,so I will leave all the eggs in the incubator until the weekend.I'll crack some open and have a look at the air cell,etc.I've started to collect eggs to set early next week.

They are soooooooo cute!

The Lucky Seven


  1. They have some nice colour.....I really didn't think they would make it but very happy they did:)

  2. very sweet!
    I watched part of your live feed.
    could some of your eggs been frozen?
    good luck with the remaining two.

  3. I don't think so,I collected them as soon as possible.I'll know more when I open some.I did candle and they were growing,could see the air cell,etc.......I was pretty upset over the whole thing but nothing I can do about now.

  4. They have awesome colour! Can't wait to see them when they feather out. I imagine they might look like our Toffee who we got from you!

    We feel your pain though. Still nothing from the quail and we are ending day 19 now. I am getting super stressed!