Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's sunny and warm to boot!! There has been an explosion of blossoms in the strawberry field and a great spurt of growth in the greenhouse,we so need the sun.

Chestnut Tree is starting to bloom.

 I love watching the birds and taking pictures of them as well,this is a purple finch.......even though he is red.
 I admire this little bird.
 I thought this was pretty.
 They grew....overnight!! LOL
 Green beans,we took the row cover off  and they are looking pretty good.
 Looking to the West from the upper field.This was going to be pasture......some of it but now Geof says he is going to switch with me.....pasture goes to the bottom where the peas,beans,etc is and he's going to use the upper field...........oh really?? LOL I'm actually pretty happy about it.
 Looking to North
 To the East

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