Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Mania!!

When you own a small farm there's no such thing as "taking the weekend off" but we did manage to sneak away for a couple hours and the farm was still here when we got back! Having said that a punctured tractor tire can not be fixed on a Sunday!

So,it's Monday mania!! Tire is at the shop...Geof is at the building....almost done!!

Turkeys are booked in for Wednesday,they are looking fabulous!

My new motto is,"Less is More"

Meat Kings are doing well also,another week or so and they'll be ready:)

I have one more bag of crab apples to cook for jelly and I'm done!

Then on to some grape jelly as soon as our friends Concords are ready.

You'll be next!! lol

Danika wanted a bite! lol

Perfect weather for splitting wood and tea and tarts.

Love this stuff!!

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