Monday, February 27, 2012

End of February!

This past week or two have been fairly busy.New layers are doing great and will soon have to be moved to a bigger pad,likely a side by side They are almost fully feathered,3 weeks old today.

 Heads are always last to feather out.

Geof has been cutting next years winter wood,with the lack of snow the conditions have been perfect and no black flies!!

Our strawberry plant order is in,AC Valley Sunset and Kent....the amounts are a little sketchy right now as I wasn't there when Geof placed the order but he mumbled a number under his breath that sounded like three thousand!
Something new that we are going to try this year is Asparagus,Jersey Giant and this amount was confirmed by the booklet he brought home,an arrow pointing to one thousand crowns.Clearly we are going to be busy this spring and that's not even the tip of the iceberg!! There's the greenhouse that we'll soon be working in,last years strawberry plants need tending to,more meat birds,turkeys,pigs,and I want to set up the incubator.......yikes!! I want December back!!


  1. wow you going to be one busy lady!!

  2. More than what I would like! lol

  3. Where do you get strawberry plants from?

  4. C.O.Keddy Nursery INC.
    982 North Bishop RD,Kentville