Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 2014

WOW 6 months' since I put anything new on here! That's terrible!We had a great crop of berries,best ever! U-Pick was awesome this year,I even got to make some jam.
We had a really good crop of squash,sold it all and all of the pumpkins.We had lots of gourds but they didn't sell so well.....oh well the chickens and deer really enjoyed them.
We had a mink in the coop on Jan 1,not a great way to start the new year.Geof killed the mink but not before it got 8 hens :( Such an evil creature!
We are enjoying our home grown meat chickens,they are delicious! 

The twins are 7 months old!! Just adorable grandbabies!!

What a winter!! A real winter......spring is 63 days away! I've had chicks on my now that I know what the problem was with the incubator I won't hesitate one bit now.....fill er up! lol

Time for some pictures!!

Janelle and Mariah
 Nathan ♥
 Janelle ♥
 Nathan ♥
 My Boy
 Mariah,Geofrey and Danika :)
 The Twins :)
 Blustery Day
 Jan 22,2014


  1. I really hate those minks! They are evil creatures.

    1. Oh they are so mean! Not something I want to see any time soon.