Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time to make a move

Well this month is almost gone and we'll be into February.Geof put a window in the little barn yesterday to give the hens some extra daylight.A chicken needs at least 14 hours of daylight to form an egg,so this should help a bit.....though ours hasn't decreased much at all.

This is going to be the courting coop.

Nice and bright in there now.

I'm going to move a dozen rhode island hens and one roo (unrelated) that has a fair bit of rhode island in him over today.I think they will make some nice chicks.
I'll wait at least two weeks before I start saving the best eggs......around 40.The past two hatches have been about 50/ hopefully I'll get 20 pullets from that hatch.They should be laying by the end of August,perfect for the market.I will be getting some fertile eggs off the farm as well,should be interesting.

 This Australorp is from my last hatch in August,she should soon start laying by the looks of her comb.
 Rosemary has been running back and forth from the coop to this one all winter....some nights are spent here and some nights are spent in the other....I hope she doesn't get to cranky when she finds out the others have moved in!

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