Thursday, February 3, 2011

Settled In

So,the roo and his ladies are settled in.They really seem to be enjoying their courting coop.9 eggs today,so the move didn't bother them too much.I should be able to start picking the eggs I want to use in the incubator next week.

Mr.Roo(AKA Rusty) and the ladies

 Egg Sign
 Look up,way up......
 Our little piece of heaven on the hill


  1. At least half. And my blue roo died!

  2. Oh no,poor roo! Do you know what happened? Are you giving the hens lay crumb? We have ours on that all winter and we give them cracked corn just to give them something different,they get bored with the feed.

  3. He stopped crowing about a week ago and then the other day he was sitting around looking depressed, tail down and then Leon found him dead in the run. No clue what happened. Everyone else is fine.

    Everyone's on layer. I did notice that the 6 hens in my breeding pens are molting. That explains them but not the rest of the hens.

  4. You've described the exact same symptoms as our rooster.....and no one seems to know why this happens.We've had a few hens act the same way and with in a day or two they were dead.
    We have some older brown layers that will be two in May and they are showing signs of slowing down,the quaity of their eggs has gone down as well.Come on Spring!!!