Thursday, February 17, 2011

Looking ahead on this beautiful sunny day..... the greenhouse.Geof has been clearing snow away from the spot the greenhouse is going.The ground doesn't have one bit of frost in it! The snow has really settled down,I thought it would be deeper.

Keeps him out of my hair for a bit.LOL

Of course the freebies had to come around and see what was going on. Grass,grass,grass!

 You better get what you can because here comes your sisters!!

My favourites:)

And it's actually green!!


  1. what kind of greenhouse are you building?
    I have posted about my greenhouse over at my blog,it is very easy to build and cheap.
    We are near ready to add on and re~do the plastic for the new growing season.
    Happy gardening!

  2. Homemade as well,we have the frame from one of those storage/garage frames from Canadian Tire that our neighbour gave us.It had collapsed under the snow.The frame was bent in several places.My husband can weld,so he fixed it.We have a little mini greenhouse that we attached to the chicken coop but they have now moved into that.LOL That was made with 2X4.It worked great but it isn't what we really wanted.
    We have two furnaces that came out of the PMQ's in Greenwood,hopefully one will be in working order.I guess we'll just have to wait and see how everything goes the next couple of weeks.
    I'll have to check your blog out,it always nice to get some new ideas.

  3. we use a electric heater that automatically turns on when the temperature drops to 10,it has been really great,
    can't wait to see your finished greenhouse!