Monday, February 21, 2011

Time is running out.....

It appears that one (some) of our hens is coming to the end of  her egg laying life.Our hens that will be two in the spring have served us well.They never slowed down and continued to lay all through the winter months'.They never had any artificial lighting,that was a personal choice but they do have natural light and I believe this is why they lay so well and are generally happier.

Poor can't be comfortable to lay this.


  1. Oh. We had a really odd one today. Wrinkly with a flat end. How do you tell which one is done laying?

  2. We have no clue as to which one is laying this egg.I think it's an age thing.......keep your flock under two years old.We'll just let nature takes it course.I've noticed the quality of the older hens eggs has decreased,watery whites and the shells are lighter in colour.So we keep those eggs for ourselves and sell the younger hens eggs.
    I guess you would have to separate them if you really wanted to find out or stalk them.LOL

  3. Do you give free choice oyster shell?
    If not you should add it to the diet for harder shells.

  4. I've been giving them oyster shell all winter:)