Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Have Land.....Will Plough......

Geof did some ploughing the last couple days.I love the smell and site of freshly furrowed soil.Every year he goes just a little further......

Looks pretty wide but it won't take long to fill it!
Two chairs in the greenhouse......do you suppose they'll root? LOL
 Long rows
 Plum trees have some buds:)

What do you want? Anyone that has "Free Range" hens knows that the first place they head for is where ever there is a human,I have seven hens that are free range,the "others" are in their run.



  1. What a lovely hen - she's very good at posing for you! I can't wait to have hens again. It's dreadful having to buy eggs from the store!

  2. I know what you mean....or I used to.Fresh farm eggs are so good:)