Friday, April 29, 2011

This and That

The days are getting longer and busier.Lots to do to get ready for planting......lets hope the weather improves.Our fruit trees are in cold storage and the ground is ready for them.....just waiting for a good day to plant them.Greenhouse is fabulous!! Have some tomatoes and peppers started and some pansies and marigolds.Geof needs to harrow but it's too wet,so the peas and beans are going in a little late.A broken ploughshare has the ploughing at a stand still,waiting for those to come in.

The seeds are sooooooo small!

 My two hatches.
 They are getting along pretty good....a little bulling.
 This is curly....she has deformed feet but is doing great.
 The freebies.....the grass is so green:)
 Primrose....pretty little flower but ugly after the blossoms dry up.


  1. Have you managed to plant anything outside yet? Our soil is still drenched. I feel like I'll be waiting forever.

  2. We put in yellow and green beans,and three kinds of peas just the last couple of days.Still waiting to do the trees and the ploughshare hasn't come in yet.....always something.