Saturday, April 9, 2011

Making up our minds......

Here it is the 9th of April and before you know it will be May! The greenhouse is coming along.....hope to get the plastic on next week......on a day that isn't windy!!! Geof is mumbling and looking in his book to see when we started tomatoes last year.

When we started growing produce in 2002 everything was started in the greenhouse BUT as you live and learn seed into soil is just as effective( for squash,pumpkins,etc) and there is less worrying about frost and they tend to catch up rather quickly.We lost 1200 squash transplants our first year growing due to a heavy frost apple blossom weekend and we'll never make that mistake again,of course you can get frost at anytime but we generally don't set out transplants until the last full moon in June,which is the 15th this year,so we may be able to get them in earlier.We do have crop cover for our beans and peas which we'll start putting in soon.......April 17th we had snow peas in the ground last year.
The strawberry plants are looking well,no winter kill but they will need some straw,4 round bails should do it.
As for our  fruit trees,Geof has pruned those and they are still looking like sticks in the ground.LOL We heard through the grapevine that C&O Nursery had a lot of winter kill and we won't be getting any new trees this year......waiting to hear from them on that.

No turkeys this year,still up in the air about meat birds.....the price of feed the past two years was crazy!!  WE SHALL WAIT AND SEE!
We have until the first week in July to order them.We like to keep our prices reasonable and in range for everyone.I have seen some outrageous prices by other growers and I don't know how they justify lets hope that feed doesn't go through the roof this year.I think I have four chickens left in the am I going to make them last!!

Today would have been a perfect day for Geof to plough but the truck has a broken spring and he has gone to get that fixed.I think ploughing and harrowing are two of his him time to think.LOL

Last years peas and the beans under the crop cover.

This is in you can see the peas are out and this was our third or fourth crop of beans.
Green and Yellow beans

Snap Peas

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