Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Side By Side

So..........another 3 weeks of waiting and another disappointing hatch:(
I have seven so far,culled two and 39 eggs still in the incubator.I see a couple that are wiggling but I'm not very hopeful. This will be it for a while.There is obviously a problem some where,I just can't figure it out.

Going for a ride to the barn.
 Side By Side
 Settling in to their new pad.
 My first hatch is growing!


  1. wow! your first hatch is so big!
    Chicks are so cute,I'm going to put on a hatch,see what happens.
    To bad about your success rate :(

  2. Aren't they just growing like crazy!! My hubby doesn't pay too much attention to them and only looked in on them a few times and when we made the move yesterday he was really surprised! LOL

    I really don't know what the problem is,last year I had great success in July and August,I think it might be the drop in temp at night here in the house......but the incubator worked perfect.....just can't seem to come up with a logical explanation.
    Good luck with your hatch,I will have to visit your blog and see what you are up to:)

  3. My sucked too. We had 6 hatch out. 2 of those died. Several died while pipping/zipping. When cracked open about 10 were duds. The rest were in various stages of development.

    I'm going to calibrate my hygrometer today, maybe that's the problem.

  4. Don't you think it's strange that we are both what appears to be the same problem but with two different kinds of incubator......I looked at my manual again and I really do think that it has to do with the room tempature.....we have a wood furnace and at the night the temp would go down about 10 degrees.I didn't crack any of mine,I didn't want to know:(