Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Days=Painting

Last week was not a total loss.....not to me anyways.So I just bit the bullet and bought some paint and Geof just got on board.He used to paint professionally when the family was young and the extra cash came in handy.So painting for us wasn't on his list of things to do.We've always kept our colours neutral,especially when we were selling our other home......well we're not selling now, so I want some colour.

Bye,Bye border.....I did like my fiddles but it's time to go:)

 Now really....isn't that looks so blah!
 The woodwork always over powered this room!
 Ohhhhhh,me likeeeee!
 Me likeeeee,a lot!
 Still have some decorating to do.When I had decided to do this room I wanted to paint the woodwork white but once we got started on the walls and seen how nice it looked,I was glad I hadn't.


  1. I wouldn't touch that woodwork. That color allows it to just GLOW. We have the same woodwork and I'm not an anti-paint type. I think sometimes paint it JUST what you need but in this case, no? This is just lovely. Honestly, unless you need privacy, I wouldn't even hang curtains. I love how clean and architecturally "strong" this looks.

  2. Okay I'm back to say I'd love to see more shots of your house. Judging by your woodwork and your bannister (visible in the background) you and I are living in the same house.

    Mine's c. 1904 (give or take). Yours?

  3. Thank you,we are enjoying the "Glow".I can't decide what to do with the windows....if anything,maybe a valance,that's what I had there before.As for the age of our house,it's not dated that early....maybe late 1930's.The woodwork is throughout the whole house,2 story,small attic that's not accessible just a small crawl space.Bedrooms are small,closets are small.Softwood upstairs on the floors,hardwood in the living room and dinning.It used to be 4 bedrooms two on each side of the hallway but when we bought it they had made one side into a large master.Wrap around veranda makes this house look bigger than it really is.
    Everything is in a mess here right now.LOL but when I get it back together,I'll take some pictures:)