Sunday, May 15, 2011

How many more days of rain and drizzle???????

Pretty soggy out there these days.Can't really do too much.Did manage to get the rest of the crop cover on.When you step on the harrowed land you sink up to your ankles!We've had really wet springs before but this is a little much.
Still waiting for the's been three weeks!I guess Geof doesn't have to worry about it drying out and getting hard.Trees are still in cold storage......100 trees short of what we ordered.They had a winter freeze and it killed all the peach trees.23 plums and cherry trees are there waiting.......for the weather.....quite soft up on the hill as well.
Chicks are doing great,waiting to hear about some I ordered,I was 73rd on the list so I doubt I'll get what I want.
Pansies and marigolds are up in the greenhouse:)

The raccoons are back but we have yet to catch one! Good for trapping chickens though! LOL

 Plum tress are blooming and the row cover is on.
 Peach trees are just about ready to bust open.
 Doing some bird watching on these rainy days.
 Nice in the greenhouse,got the fabric down and it really makes a difference.

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